Quilt Fundraiser

This is a King Size quilt in Kentucky Chain Pattern and the colors represent Suicide Awareness/Prevention. It was pieced by Jessica Rhein and quilted by Kay DePriest.  

Quilt Raffle Ticket(s) 1 for $3 or 5 for $12

All proceeds will go to VSA-22BuddyCheck, 501(c)(3).

Raffle Ticket Payment Options include:   Online using Debit or Credit Card, and PayPal; Mail by sending Check or Money Order to  VSA, 22BuddyCheck,  420 Osage St, Manhattan, KS 66502 (Make check out to VSA).  

Raffle Tickets can also be purchased at future events until drawing or face to face with VSA Board of Directors and/or Team Members.  Cash is also accepted at future events and face to face.

Note: When buying online with Debit or Credit Card, the contact information field must be filled out.  For PayPal, please put your phone number below.  If mailing a check or money order, please ensure you include all information as well.  These steps will allow us to better contact the winner.  Thanks